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Meet ESQ AI - Your AI Legal Assistant

ESQ AI makes contract drafting, review, and retrieval easy for legal teams through AI.

Draft Easily

Draft contracts fast using AI. Specify your contract type, fill a short form, and let ESQ AI do the rest.

Review Thoroughly

Extract critical clauses, identify potential red flags, and get suggestions for improvement.

Retrieve Instantly

Get specific information from your Contract Repository through conversational AI or quick search.

AI-assisted contract review

ESQ speeds up contract analysis by automatically extracting critical clauses for review, identifying potential red flags, and generating high-level summaries - thereby enabling you to review and negotiate contracts fast. What’s more? You can also chat with your contract.

Interrogate your contract repository

Ask contract-related questions from your repository in plain language and immediately get precise excerpts and answers. Condense hours spent digging through the data room to minutes.

Create contracts in 2 minutes

Create contracts effortlessly with ESQ AI. Specify your contract type, fill a short form, and get your contract generated in 2 minutes.

Get back your most valuable asset - time!

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