January 14, 2024

What is ESQ?

ESQ is the AI contract co-pilot designed to transform the way African legal teams review, retrieve and draft contracts. But how exactly is ESQ streamlining contract processes?

In an era where artificial intelligence is reshaping every aspect of our lives, the legal field is no exception. A standout innovation, particularly for African legal teams, is ESQ – the AI contract co-pilot designed to transform the way legal professionals handle contracts. But what exactly is ESQ, and how is it streamlining contract processes?

ESQ is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tool tailored for African legal teams. It's built by Sahel AI and designed to streamline the contract management process, making it faster, more efficient, and remarkably intuitive. ESQ isn't just a tool; it's a partner (a virtual colleague) that helps legal you navigate the complexities of contract analysis, retrieval, and drafting.

Contract Review with ESQ

One of the most time-consuming aspects of legal work is contract review. ESQ changes the game here by speeding up contract analysis. It automatically extracts critical clauses, flags potential issues, and generates high-level summaries. This capability not only saves time but also facilitates more efficient contract negotiations, ensuring that no critical detail is overlooked.

  • Identify potential red flags
  • Extract critical clauses
  • Generate high-level summaries
  • Chat with your contract under review
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Retrieving Information from contract repository

Another feature of ESQ is its ability for you to interrogate a contract repository using natural language. This means you can ask ESQ a question about a contract just as you would ask a colleague, and get immediate, precise responses. What used to take hours of poring over documents in a data room is now accomplished in minutes, turning a tedious task into a swift and straightforward process.

Contract Drafting Simplified

Drafting contracts can be a complex task, often requiring customization and attention to detail. ESQ simplifies this process with its fast contract creation feature. It offers customizable templates with dynamic fields that are adaptable to each user's specific needs. This not only speeds up the drafting process but also ensures that each contract is tailored to the precise requirements of the situation.